Personality and Cognitive Abilities Linked Study Finds

Max Erkiletian • Jun 2, 2023

A link between your brain’s capabilities and your personality that influence who you are and how you function has been revealed in new research from the University of Minnesota.

The findings are published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. A team of researchers at the University of Minnesota, including 30 volunteers spent 13 years examining data from over 1,300 studies. That entailed scrutinizing information from more than one million individuals
from 50 countries.

  • Encouraging students with a Growth Mindset is essential.
    (Carol Dweck, PhD – Stanford University,)
  • Get student’s “buy in When students establish realistic goals that match their interest, strengths and talents they
    become motivated and empowered to learn in ways that are purposeful to them. (Carol Dweck, PhD – Stanford University)
  • Author Brad Stulberg, of Peak Performance, states “purpose is the world’s greatest performance enhancer

Getting your child a quality education is not a spectator sport!” -  Charlie Hoff

Gunderson EA, Sorhagen NS, Gripshover SJ, Dweck CS, Goldin-Meadow S, Levine SC. 2018. Parent praise to toddlers predicts fourth grade academic achievement via children’s incremental mindsets. Dev Psychol. 54(3):397-409

Mueller CM and Dweck CS. 1998. Praise for intelligence can undermine children’s motivation and performance. Journal for Personality and Social Psychology 75(1): 33-52

Federal Way Public Schools.com post:

How can parents and guardians help?

    • If you haven’t already, become familiar with Federal Way’s standards-based education system
    • Get familiar with what your student will need to do to be successful at each grade level using the Parents Guide to Success
    • Find the priority standards being focused on at each grade level on the FWPS Priority Standards Website.
    • Make use of on-line practice resources to help your child master
      the skills encompassed by Common Core.
    • Finally, help your child or children understand why they need to do their homework [and attend classes]. Not only will they do better in school now, but they will also establish study habits necessary to succeed throughout their school years and into college or other post-secondary education.

In education, nothing works if the students don't. - Donald E. Simanek

    • A former Federal Way Public School Special Ed teacher, at Rainier
      View. Joan is highly skilled and able to the assist the district in its
      mission of obtaining its four pillar goals.
      • Standardized Aligned Teaching
      • Safe Schools with Family and Community involvement
      • Culturally Inclusive Awareness
      • Use of Data as a guide to achieve the District’s goals.
    • Federal Way is positioned to attract high wage jobs – but only if we have strong vibrant schools!
    • School board meetings need to be accessible to the entire community by being streamed and archived for future viewing, as they were in the past.
      Parents are busy caring for their families, elders who are uncomfortable going out at night to unfamiliar locations, and those coming home from a full day at work are not available at the time of the School Board meetings. Teachers likewise need the opportunity to know what the District and School Board decides.
    • Public school funding comes from state and local taxes. It is imperative tax payers know how the money is being spent, and most importantly student
      outcomesif the district wants to maintain public support at the polls.
    • Joan will be a bridge builder to both our diverse communities and a conduit to the business community.
    • She’s an active listener and an advocate to give the community a greater voice.