Joan Murphy For School Board Federal Way



Past Daily Quotes

You go talk to kindergartners or first-grade kids,   you find a class full of science enthusiasts.   They ask deep questions. They ask, "What is a dream, why do we have toes,   why is the moon round, what is the birthday of the world, why is grass green?   These are profound, important questions.   They just bubble right out of them.   You go talk to 12th graders and there's none of that.   They have become incurious."

  ~ Carl Sagan Astronomer, Author &  Cosmos NPR series

Education is not the filling of the pail,                 but the lighting of the fire."   W. B. Yeats    

“You watch and listen and wait, and answers will come to you.” ~ Larry Bird Keres Tribe

…self-esteem, motivation, intellectual curiosity and confidence don"t show up on achievement test scores,” ~ Marva Collins.